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Abdominoplasty is a cosmetic surgery designed to remove excess skin after massive weight loss or liposuction as well as firm muscles in the abdominal wall. Commonly called a tummy tuck in Syracuse NY, this type of procedure can be performed in a variety of ways. Depending on how much skin needs to be removed and the incision locations desired, your surgeon may recommend a traditional, mini, extended, or circumferential technique.

Circumferential is the most drastic form of tummy tuck and has the most amount of scarring. It is usually the type of surgery recommended to patients that have lost a lot of weight or have a lot of excess skin. Mini and endoscopic tummy tucks are often recommended for patients that desire minimal scarring or for postnatal women.

General steps for tummy tuck surgery in Syracuse NY are similar, regardless of the specific technique and overall amount of skin being removed. The operation may take from 2 to 6 hours and side effects include swelling, bruising, hematoma or seroma formation, blood clots, and mild to moderate pain. Increasing pain or swelling should be reported immediately to your surgeon as they may indicate a more severe reaction during the recovery period.

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