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No matter how hard we try to fight it with various creams and over-the-counter treatments, the skin on the face loses its natural elasticity as it ages. As years of sun exposure and gravity continue to add up, the face betrays our years with sagging cheeks and jowls, deep wrinkles around the nose and mouth, and sagging neck skin. All of these developments can be reversed with a simple facelift (rhytidectomy), one of the most popular cosmetic procedures available today.

When considering facelift surgery it is important to take a number of factors into consideration. First and foremost, successful cosmetic surgery depends on a positive and open relationship between the surgeon and the patient. Ensuring you find a physician that is open to addressing and answering your questions is of utmost importance. Syracuse face lift surgeon, Dr. Dean DeRoberts, will tailor the procedure to your specific needs and ensure you are comfortable with the details of the procedure and recovery.

Syracuse face lift

Is a Facelift For You?

Facelift surgery (or rhytidectomy) is a major cosmetic procedure designed to give you the most life out of your years. The best candidates for this procedure are those with loose skin, heavy wrinkles, deep lines, and jaw or chin jowls. Facelift surgery is often complemented by eyelid surgery, forehead lifts, and/or skin resurfacing.

Syracuse Facelift: Making the Decision

If you are considering facelift surgery in Syracuse, NY, the first step is to consult with Dr. Dean DeRoberts. He will evaluate whether you are a good candidate for this type of cosmetic procedure. He will also outline the process, risks and cost. This is the time to ensure your expectations, questions, and concerns are heard and addressed.
Dr. DeRoberts will ensure that you feel comfortable discussing your concerns and is someone you can trust. He is board-certified in this particular procedure with the American Board of Plastic Surgery, the only accredited board for Plastic Surgery.

Facelift in Syracuse NY: Understanding Surgery

There are a variety of things that Dr. DeRoberts will ask you to do to prepare for surgery. Certain medications (such as NSAIDs) that increase the risk of bleeding will have to be stopped. All facelift surgery candidates must quit smoking at least a month before and a month after the procedure. Smoking reduces blood circulation and can cause the skin on your face to heal poorly without proper blood flow.

There are a few varieties of facelift surgeries: mini-facelifts, lower-facelifts, and full facelifts. Most involve the same basic process: anesthesia, incision, and lifting of the soft tisues, and removal of skin. Incisions are usually placed in front of and behind the ear and may extend into the scalp. The actual manipulation of the skin tissues involves separating skin from muscle, removal of some skin and fat, reshaping underlying tissue, and re-draping with staples or sutures.

Risks include scarring, infection, bleeding, facial asymmetry, skin loss, numbness or other sensation changes, pain, hair loss, and general dissatisfaction with results. Many surgeons can drastically reduce these risks. Ensure the doctor you choose is a board-certified plastic surgeon and willing to listen to your expectations and concerns.

What to Expect After Surgery

Recovery from facelift surgery usually involves a mild to moderate amount of pain, redness, swelling, or bruising. All of these side effects should dwindle and disappear within a few days to a week or two. Be sure to contact Dr. DeRoberts immediately if redness or pain increases, as this can be a sign of infection and should be treated with antibiotics as soon as possible. Dr. DeRoberts advises avoidance of certain activities and the sun while your incisions heal. One of the most common causes of delayed or inadequate wound healing occurs in people that smoke cigarettes. Smoking reduces blood flow to the face and limits the amount of oxygen required by the wound to properly close and heal.

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