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Every year millions of patients flock to doctors and specialists for the lastest FDA-approved non-surgical correction of their fine lines, wrinkles, under-eye bags, acne scars, and crow’s feet. Injections carefully placed under the skin in strategic areas of the face have become wildly popular for their ease of use and long-lasting results. While they are the top two dermal injections on the cosmetic market, Botox® and Radiesse® are very different products that work in very different ways.

Radiesse® is a natural hyaluronic acid gel filler that literally plumps up wrinkles and fills out depressions caused by skin sagging, loss of elasticity, and normal reductions of collagen caused by aging. Since it is a dermal filler, Restylane can also be used to plump lip augmentation. Skin volume is dramatically increased. Results will be apparent almost immediately and can last a year or more.

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