Lip Augmentation

What is Lip Augmentation?

Lip augmentation is the process of injecting fillers to enhance the size and shape of the mouth. It can also help reduce fine lines that appear around the lips as we age and skin loses its elasticity. There are two types of injections that are commonly used: Hyluronic acid (which lasts about 1 year) and a patients own fat cells(more permanent).

Lip Enhancement Techniques

DeRoberts Plastic Surgey have become experts in the field of lip enhancement doing hundreds of patients already.  The most commonly used material for lip enhancement is hyluronic acid fillers (Juvederm, Restylane). These fillers have excellent results, last for up to a year, can be done on the same day as you appointment with minimal downtime and pain.  This is almost always the first method used for lip augmentation because of the ease and predictability of the results.  To reduce the pain with lip injections, we always used either topical anesthetic or dental blocks to make our patients comfortable.

Lip EnhancementThe other commonly used material for lip augmentation is a patients own fat cells.  The fat cells can be harvested from a patient’s abdomen or love handles and then transferred to the lips.  This procedure does need to be done in a procedure room on a separate day from the initial visit, but only local anesthesia is necessary so patients can drive themselves.  The fat cells usually transfer well and act like normal fat cells in the lips.  This can be a permanent change in the lips, but because of the variability in the fat cells survival a second touch-up procedure may be necessary.

Laser rejuvenation can also be used for lip enhancement.  The laser tightens naturally occurring collagen and elastic tissue within the mouth.

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