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As the popularity of cosmetic procedures increases, more and more clinics offer injectable treatments at their outpatient clinics. Most of these clinics utilize nurses, assistants, or even aestheticians to administer the injections. However, Dr. DeRoberts at DeRoberts Plastic Surgery in Syracuse administers all of the injectables himself. He feels this is an important part of the doctor-patient relationship and improves the outcome of costly injection procedures.

Some of the popular injectables available on the market today include BotoxJuvedermRadiesse, and Restylane. Each has different mechanisms, but all require precise placement in order to have the most beneficial results. Due to the complicated layers of nerves, muscles, and blood vessels, it is vitally important to have someone familiar with anatomy to perform the injections. Dr. DeRoberts is happy to offer superior results with his experience and careful placement of his injections.

Many of the clinics that offer injections at reduced rate utilize inexperienced nurses or aestheticians to administer the treatment. As such, the patient may save some money, but expose themselves to increased risk of side effects such as numbness, tingling, sensation loss, or permanent loss of muscle tone. Further, the reduced rate treatment may be a “generic” brand that has not been approved by the FDA or the setting may not meet sanitary requirements.

All of these possible side effects can be minimized or avoided completely by trusting your injection in the hands of a qualified physician held to the highest medical standards. This will also ensure you achieve the maximal results for the procedure and are happy with the results. A private consultation with Dr. DeRoberts will address all of your questions and concerns. He will also make sure you have realistic expectations of the procedure and are happy with the outcome.

Risks of Cosmetic Injections

While every cosmetic procedure has inherent risks, the risk factor is dramatically reduced by choosing to have your injectables performed by a qualified plastic surgeon. Please feel free to discuss your questions and concerns with Dr. DeRoberts by scheduling a private consultation.

Types of Injectables

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Botox Syracuse NYRadiesse Syracuse NY Juvederm Syracuse NY

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